School Priorities for 2015


  • National Curriculum implementation
  • Ongoing Formative and Standardised assessment


  • Spelling and Reading Comprehension strategies across the school
  • Review of school data


  • Problem solving strategies (Kindy to Year 6)
  • New Maths Curriculum implementation
  • Formative Testing
  • Review of school data/li>


  • Ongoing implementation and consolidation of ICT across the school
  • Student Welfare
  • Student Leadership
  • Social and Emotional wellbeing

Quality Catholic Schooling

  • Education (Student Learning): Teaching Practices
  • Education (Student Learning): Evaluation and Planning
  • Education (Student Learning): Assessment
  • Stewardship: Accountability
  • Community: Wider Partnerships

A big and exciting focus that the school is currently undertaking and will continue during 2016 is the introduction of a second Kindergarten class. Our aim is to increase our student numbers so that by the year 2020 OLC will be a full double stream school.