Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends Association of Our lady of the Cape welcomes all new families and existing families to our school community.

The committee members for 2019 are:

  • President – Gary Hodge
  • Vice President – Dana Gianconcelli
  • Treasurer – Sarah Gatty
  • Secretary – Shantell McClenaughan
  • School Board Rep – Sasha North and Eloise Jennings
  • Pastoral Care Coordinator – Deb Brice & Leah Reilly
  • Food Garden Coordinator – TBA
  • Improvement Committee Leaders - Ashleigh McLaren and Julia Thompson
  • Events Coordinator - Ashleigh McLaren

Meetings are held monthly and are noted on the school calendar and in the newsletter. These meetings are an open forum for discussion regarding fundraising, social events and the schools needs. We are very lucky to have a representative from each year to attend our monthly meetings. The role of the P&F is to organise and provide social and fun activities for the school community.

The P&F committee looks forward to meeting you all and appreciates your participation in our school community.