School Board

The Our Lady of the Cape School Board is entrusted with the duty of planning, on behalf of the school community, with the school staff (through the Principal) and with the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia, to meet the present and future needs of the school and the students. Although the Board has no authority in the internal operation of the school, it is a legitimate function of the Board to provide an advisory service to the Principal and staff with respect to policy development and review. In carrying out this role, the Board is advisory: it does not have an operational or administrative role. The Board’s sole connection to the operation of the school is through the Principal.

The Board has no managerial responsibility for the staff. The selection, appointment and review of staff is delegated solely to the Principal by the Bishop of the Diocese.

The School Board finances consist of:

  • Parent paid school fees
  • State Government Grants
  • Australian Government Grants
  • Parish Contributions

The School Board Annual General Meeting is held during the Term 4 of each year. At this meeting a report on the School Board’s activities and the following year’s budget is presented. Election of new Board members also takes place at this meeting. All parents are invited and expected to attend this important meeting of the school community.

School Board Members

Chairperson Louis De Cheira
Vice Chair
Treasurer Nadia Murphy
Secretary Damon Eastaugh
General Board Member Matt Polain
General Board Member Craig Saunders
General Board Member Gary Hodge
Ex Officio Member: Principal Eugene Lee
Ex Officio Member: Assistant Principal Adrian Torrese
Ex Officio Members Fr Francis Constantino
Adrian Torrese
Eugene Lee